The Calacanis Rule: If You Don’t Start You Can’t Iterate

Jason Calacanis was a hit at our Innovation Bay dinner last week. Not only is he passionate about the web space, but he’s also a died in the wool entrepreneur.

This same passion comes through in his recent post about getting into the game. It’s easy to sit back and be an entrepreneurial spectator, but taking that initial kernel of an idea and championing it takes guts.

It doesn’t really matter if your idea sucks, there is a very high probability it will morph along the way. Jason points to how his businesses all shifted focus. The web is full of examples – photo sharing site Flickr, for example, started life out as a virtual world.

The key thing and what we’ll call the Calacanis Rule is:

If you don’t start, you can’t iterate.

I agree with Jason: “Just start.”

Get out there and talk to people about your idea, get behind your product and push its barrow. Yes, you’ll have people telling you it’s dumb and will never work. But stick to your guns and watch your product form, meld and grow.

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