Godin’s Rule: Working The System Trumps Beating The System

We all know that while tax minimization is ok, tax evasion will deliver us into hot water – fast.

Seth Godin compares this and other binary activities of going with the flow, rather than trying to cut through it and crystallizes out a rule that can be applied to the web:

The web is nothing but a system, a bunch of (largely unwritten) rules regarding search, linking, promotion, etc. It’s fascinating to watch as some people work hard to work the system, and succeed time and time again, while others waste countless hours with one scheme after another designed to beat the system. They invent cloaking devices and seo scams and pyramid schemes and lightly disguised spam pages, constantly struggling to stay ahead (and to stay quiet). Sure, you can beat the system (any system) for a while, but it’s a constant struggle.

He has a good point – play in the spirit of the game and you’ll continue to be a player.

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