Churchill Club: Dialling In The Top Tech Trends

The mobile phone dominated the panel’s predictions for the annual Churchill Club’s poke at the Top 10 Tech Trends.

Vinod Khosla sees the cell phone becoming a mainstream personal computer. This trend is already heavily under way towards becoming a reality in the more advanced Asian countries.

In similar vein, Roger McNamee sees mobiles moving from being feature phones to smart phones at an accelerating pace due to the rise of real software environments layered on the network and separate from the physical devices.

Josh Kopelman believes we are headed towards an implicit Internet. Eric Savitz summarizes this discussion:

Today your permanent record exists; you create a trail of data exhaust, digital bread crumbs. Implicit data that exists in silence. Movie rentals, restaurant reservations, books purchased, Web sites visited, etc. All of this data existed in silence. No easy way until now to benefit from the data; but the silos are coming down. Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Mozilla collecting data. Trend is that big wave will come to companies that are able to novel and new ways to deliver information by crossing these silos, with implicit data on the Internet. Use social networking data to improve search. Conversion of data exhaust will create value in new and interesting ways. All of the panelists seem to agree that this is a key trend. McNamee says he hopes Kopelman is not right, given the privacy concerns that are involved. The issue is providing implied consent to follow the bread crumbs, McNamee says. Schoendorf says this is an under 25 issue. McNamee notes that the trouble is that not only does Facebook know what I’m doing, but the Chinese government also knows. Khosla says it is an opportunity, not a problem. “Privacy is a red herring,” Khosla says. “There are rules and laws and ways to address the privacy issue.” Data reduction is an important need, Khosla says. He has a secretary to do it. Khosla says it is a critical need and huge opportunity.

Let’s mash these views up a bit: the post Churchill Club, metarand top tech trend is that a rise of the implicit Internet will not be restricted from a device point of view.

We will see a tipping point in this respect both in terms of device access shifting to the mobile and also going beyond simple mobile browsing to embedded solutions.

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