Mozilla Open Data To Quantify Web Traffic

Michael Arrington has uncovered a very interesting Mozilla project that may change the way we perceive web analytics.

It seems like everyone has a “Data” project these days, but stick with me on this.

Mountain View-based Mozilla plans to track Firefox user habits on an anonymous, opt-in basis. The expected sample size is expected to provide a more accurate understanding of web traffic than the incumbents (Alexa, Google Analytics, Hitwise and Quantcast).

This is a move I welcome and would strongly support Mozilla prioritising this project up and when it releases, will urge other Firefox users to opt-in.

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One thought on “Mozilla Open Data To Quantify Web Traffic

  1. Actually I would advice you not to tell your friends to opt-in. I’m not an expert statistician, but it seems to me that telling one particular group or other to opt-in (for example, technology entrepreneurs, or Randall’s friends) can only skew the data 🙂

    (of course don’t tell them to not opt-in either, that could only be worse)

    Or do I fundamentally not get something about statistics? I did admittedly drop out of my Stat0 class back at uni.


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