Appspace: App Grant Funders Urged To Release Early And Often, Android Apps Get Grants

The Open Handset Alliance’s Android Developers Challenge has released the 50 apps that have been given $25k in funding in Part 1, Round 1. As Jason Chen says on the Android Developers Blog, the list is being put out in the spirit of releasing early and often.

I strongly urge other specific funders of grants to app developers to do the same. Think about it, the space is moving at a rapid pace and app development does not have a long lead time. So why should the giving of small grants be a black box affair?

I recently contacted Bay Partners, who run the Facebook-specific appfactory, and also Facebook themselves regarding the fbFund.

Salil Deshpande from Bay Partners tells me the appfactory is going well and that they will be putting out a detailed status update shortly. I look forward to this and commend them on this move.

Facebook has been a black hole. No response back from either official press channels or through direct contacts. No discussion anywhere (that I can find) by Facebook on the fund’s status, which apps have received funding etc. I hear (unverified) they have made some funding decisions, so why the silence?

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