Has Facebook Slipped Into Fast Follower Mode

Somewhere in the last 24 hours it seems that the tables have turned in the social networking arena.

Over the past few months its been Facebook that strutted around with that smug look on its collective “face”, the look that said, “We are the thought leaders”.

Perhaps the glow they were basking in, courtesy of having released their developer platform before any other competitors, blinded them to the shift taking place in user perceptions. Perhaps their board was too busy focusing on trying to land some adult supervision. Either way, after yesterday’s Data Availability announcement by MySpace, Facebook has slid behind MySpace.

Facebook’s announcement of Facebook Connect ensures the company remains in MySpace’s slipstream, but they will need to lift their game if they want to keep up. Perhaps Dave Morin and the Facebook platform team should’ve been spending less time on the slopes over winter.

[Disclosure: I am an advisor to MySpace’s parent, Fox Interactive Media, picture courtesy of Treforlutions]

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