Twitter Has Steady 20% Daily Active User Rate

Twitter has doubled in size over the past nine months. From one million total users to two million.

What’s really interesting, though, is that it has kept a steady number of active users over this time: 20%.

This is a really high DAU rate and points to a depth of engagement not found, for example on Facebook apps. Most apps on Facebook have a DAU in the 1-2% range [there are exceptions, of course, like the massively mulitplayer game Imperial Galaxy – DAUs have reached as high as 30%].

I’m sure both the rate of growth and the level of engagement are factoring heavily in the current financing round Twitter is going through.

My current favorite Twitter apps:

* Twhirl, an Adobe Air-based Twitter interface, recently acquired by Seesmic;

* Twinkle, an iPhone app that taps into other Twinkle users in a specified radius – great for swarming.

[via Techcrunch, disclosure: I am Chairman of Creative Enclave, the makers of Imperial Galaxy]

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