(Dan) Pink’s Business Manga

Stuck in cubicle land without a clue? Wondering why your parachute failed to open in the 80’s? Never did find out who moved your cheese in the 90’s?

Don’t worry – Dan Pink’s got the solution…and it’s all manga:

Johnny Bunko trailer from Daniel Pink on Vimeo

The book, The Adventures of Johnny Bunko: The Last Career Guide You’ll Ever Need, focuses on 6 core principles. All good points, worth a read:

* There is no plan

* Think strengths, not weaknesses

* It’s not about you

* Persistence trumps talent

* Makes excellent mistakes

* Leave an imprint

[via @ev on twitter, shoutout to Garr Reynolds]

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One thought on “(Dan) Pink’s Business Manga

  1. Oh my goodness, its my Birthday today and I think I can relate to Johnny Bunko – is this book about me?

    Great Post and very cool way to show someone can use new media to launch a book.


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