Twofish: Plugging in Gameplay Economics


Redwood City-based Twofish has announced a solution to one of the major headaches facing game developers: building an economic engine into their games.

Commerce engines have been around for a while now, but it is still no trivial matter to plug the following elements into a game:- microtransactions, asset tracking, account management, multicurrency systems, transaction flexibility and robust trust and security modules to name but a few.

Lee Crawford, CEO of Twofish, explains the value proposition of his product:

“Microtransactions are here and now. But they require a whole new level of sophistication for the games industry.”

“Developers understand storytelling and character development, but most lack experience with financial markets and retail optimization. Twofish Elements fills in the knowledge gap, giving developers a robust solution that they can implement in weeks, rather than spending a year and millions of dollars to develop a partial solution on their own.”

It will be interesting to track how the Twofish Economic Engine is deployed. While they’ve provided the tools, it is still very much up to individual game developers to determine the economic algorithm they want to introduce into their titles. Over time I am sure that a wealth of economic gameplay data will emerge.

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