Open Source Gains Legitimacy: Sun Snaps MySQL


I’ve spent a good deal of time analysing the open source arena. First up I was instrumental in preparing an Australia-specific alternative open source license (the Trade Practices Act has some quirks that made this seem a prudent move), through to steering a spin out,  open source, virtualization company to fruition (Open Kernel Labs).

With OK Labs we delved deep into what works and what doesn’t in the open source arena, and much like with anything in life, the answer is that users don’t like surprises: if you intend them to pay for a version of your software at some stage be upfront about it.

We spoke with many of the key players in the open source arena and I have always been bullish that open source works as a business model. So it is especially satisfying to observe that MySQL, one of the shining lights of open source, has been acquired by Sun for $1 billion. Sun’s CEO, Jonathan Schwartz points out that Sun has been a big supporter of the open source model and that MySQL users will benefit from the support offerings they intend bringing to the MySQL marketplace.

In other open source news, London-based Openads has completed a $15.5 million Series B financing led by Accel Partners. The company has developed an open source ad server, which is currently used by more than 30,000 publishers, delivering billions of ads daily.

Commenting on the deal, Accel’s Andrew Braccia said, “The rapid growth of the global online advertising market requires the adoption of next generation infrastructure and services for publishers and advertisers alike.”

“Openads’ open source heritage and deep global publisher footprint make it uniquely positioned to play a pivotal role in the evolution of the digital media landscape.”

UPDATE: Facebook has released an animation library for its FBJS (a layer on top of Javascript that give the full power of Javascript in applications) under a modified BSD license. Neat stuff.

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