Magnetism Used To Target Cells


A new method to deliver cells and genes to repair diseased or injured organs in humans in one step closer to reality.

Scientists from the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia have used magnetic fields and  iron-bearing nanoparticles to drive healthy cells to targeted sites in animal blood vessels.

This post marks the first real widening of our focus here at Metarand in 2008 to cover biotechnology and the life sciences. Along with our previous focus on social media, the Internet and virtual worlds we’re bundling them into a new category – “life media”.

The team leader of this study, Dr Robert J. Levy commented that others researchers have pursued less successful approaches to this novel strategy for delivering cells to targets in the body.

One goal of this cell therapy will be to introduce new cells to recoat the metal stents of heart patients. Many such stents fail over time as smooth muscle cells accumulate excessively on their surfaces and create new blockages.

Dr Levy believes, “This method could become a powerful medical tool.”

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