Is Web Privacy A Naivete?

I’ve been following Chris Saad’s tilt at the privacy windmill on his attention data steed for some time now. And he finally seems to be getting some good traction with

I also suspected I’d see him comment on Alec Saunders’ contribution to GigaOM – the topic of Alec’s post being an attempt to crystallise a Privacy Manifesto for the Web 2.0 Era.

This all got me thinking. The web blogging community has been up in arms recently about the Scoble/Plaxo/Facebook affair – and you can read about that elsewhere – but is this all a storm in a teacup?

Over in the Homeland Security camp privacy rights have been and continue to be well and truly eroded. So what right do web pundits have puffing up a Privacy Manifesto. How can Chris Saad call for a codification of principals into a DataPortability Policy Reference Design, when his every move through Brisbane central is being monitored on CCTV.

Should we be requesting the spooks keep our data secure and not pass it on to other government departments?

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