Has Facebook Jumped the Shark?

Surfers and kayakers frolicking in the water playground around Byron Bay have been terrorised by a great white shark in recent weeks.

While across the web questions are emerging about Facebook‘s intentions and its role in the attentionsphere. It would seem that the social networking phenomenon that could do no wrong a fortnite ago has jumped the shark – or has it?

Let’s analyse the situation. Firstly, one of the more scathing articles has surfaced in Australia — particularly predatory waters for social networking and anything social media related. The press in this country seems to savor taking bites out of players in this arena.

The latest Australian attack has come, yet again, from Asher Moses and tries to out Facebook for seeking world domination. C’mon guys, get real! This is sensationalism at its most banale. It’s about as exciting as the Aussie government wanting to sue Google a few months back.

Next up we have the rantings of a rejected blogger. Om Malik isn’t used to his requests for information being ignored – I mean he is after all, at least as far as he is concerned, one of the industry insiders and who is this upstart (Facebook) to not get back to him pronto. He starts his post with:

It has been 48 hours since I asked Facebook to clarify the point about whether a user’s data  is still being passed to them from their web partners even after the user chooses to opt out of Beacon.

How could young Zuckerberg do that??!!

Heh – I’m starting to sound like Nick Denton or one of his staff at Valleywag 🙂 . Seriously though, it is interesting to see sharks, albeit small reef sharks, circling the growing Facebook whale. Let’s hope it doesn’t end up like the one in this picture.

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One thought on “Has Facebook Jumped the Shark?

  1. I dunno – the SMH article was reasonable IMO. Facebook is more than big enough to cope with some valid criticism. Speaking of which, any chance this comment will actually be published? The last two weren’t.

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