The Arcade Called You


Rex Sorgatz has written a must read about reality as game.

Awesome imagery – welcome to the arcade called you… gaming mindset is pervasive…gaming the system …

        We’ve moved from a society that creates goods to one that solves puzzles.

Rex explains his motivation for writing the piece on his blog:

The whole idea started by noticing how several of my daily interactions — watching TV, reading RSS, dating — have become very game-like. At first, I didn’t know what to call these instances, but I eventually started using the term gaming moments. And then soon enough, a definition arose: “competitive interactions in daily life that involve play.” Sometimes the interactions are social, sometimes they are you versus a computer algorithm. But once you’ve noticed them, they suddenly become ubiquitous.

“Gaming the system,” it seems, has become standard operating procedure for everything from booking an airline ticket to battling your TiVo’s automated recommendations.

[Photo courtesy of ue06]

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