New Venture Oriented Startup Factories

It sounds strange — should’nt Startup Factories be new venture oriented by definition. They may well be, but my experience is that in many instances they are too risk averse, too keen to follow the madding crowd, and hence they are not sufficiently new venture oriented. Let me explain a bit more: by “new venture” I mean in every respect – the word adventure would most likely be a better adjective for describing the kind of mentality required for startup factories. Taking a path less travelled, or better still, beating a path where others thought passage is impossible is the right journey to embark on.

So why the rant? Kristen Le Mesurier has written a piece in the Sydney Morning Herald in which she asks the question whether startup factories deliver….one of the key points picked up on in the article as well as in the comments is the one I am honing in on above.

In my view there is a lot that can be done to create the right climate for building successful startup factories.

I’ll let others drone on about how dumb it is that all of Australia’s superannuation funding is being invested offshore at the cost of innovation at home, how close minded most Australian government administrators are in their support for entrepreneurialism and how private equity has killed the Australia venture capital star – what I will stress though is that the first, and most important step, that Australia (or any nation) can take is getting people thinking right – thinking new venture.

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