Customers First – the key to flying high


Richard Branson says it’s a brilliant time to be in the air travel business provided you put your customers first. He was talking in a NY Times Freakonomics piece about the future of US air travel.

While many of the other folks who commented seemed to bang on about the status quo, Richard put forward a clear case for a differentiated approach based on improving air travel for the people that matter: travellers.

Noting the cause and effect of happy staff flowing on to customers, Gary Topping of Topping Travel also made the following point: maybe an enlightened US airline CEO will see through the fog of the bean counters and realize that “happy employees” also make happy (and dedicated) customers.

Gotta love those bean counters!

Jack Uldrich picks up on the conversation and offers a balance of on the cards improvements based on technology already under development (in labs around the world) and a few more off the map ideas — where’s my Moller flying car, I ordered it last decade!

[Picture courtesy of ferrous]

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