Social event streams: are you drinking from the fire hydrant


Distilling pattern recognition depends a lot on one’s ability to let go, open up, become a sponge and absorb. Some of us have an innate ability to do this – no drum beat, ego tap or self promo involved – we just do it.

So it’s interesting when others who feel like they are drinking from the fire hydrant [Dave McLure intimates at this is his awesome post: Facebook = Platform + Graph + Feed. It’s that Simple. (& so am i)] ((raising shields – I ain’t saying Dave is simple here, far from it))  revolt against the constant flow of change.

We saw this today in a riff between Robert Scoble and a few others on Twitter about the concept of “friend” and the ability of people like the Scobleizer to have thousands of friends spread across a panoply of social networking services. Its simple -he can do this and keep up a meaningful relationship with all of them because he is excellent at sifting, analysing and being immersed in the conversation…all at once and all the time – an aysnchronous gush of data.

Remember that you create your social event stream. Here are four ways to ensure your are comfortable with its flow:

1. Constantly evolve your key influencer strategy – who and what matters to you. Think about the main influences that set your career, social, family paths and if needs be formulate these influences into tiers much like you set auto rule for your emails to punch certain folders.

2. Choose your data feeds and social networking platforms wisely. There’s no need to be on every shiny spangled social network. Find one’s that resonate with your key influencer strategy and stick with them.

3. Set your “friend” policy in advance and stick to it. Can anyone be your friend on Facebook. Do you allow anyone to follow your twits. Do you only respond to direct twits. Who will you accept data files from on Pownce.

4. Be asynchronous. Assidously sift your incoming information … its like running, the more you do it the easier it is to get into a groove. And then respond, enter the conversation and engage in dialogue. You make the quality of the water exiting the fire hydrant so much sweeter by doing so.

[Picture courtesy of the awesome Stuck in Customs]

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3 thoughts on “Social event streams: are you drinking from the fire hydrant

  1. I think that’s a great point. I try to only friend (accept) people who I’ve had a previous connection with – either in person or by email or IM. And speaking of feeds, I’m about to go on a rampage with the delete button at Bloglines, wish me luck.

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  3. synchronous and asynchronous is not an either/or situation, it’s a gradient. friend policies are the same – it’s not an either/or, it’s a ‘what kind’ – and until these glorified public profile sites like facebook understand that, it will always be asychronous yes/no distinctly *un*social social websites.

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