A shotgun approach to localism


Partially as a result of having tapped into a conversation with William Gibson and the heightened awareness about how locals versus multinationals approach a similar service in a specific geographical locale courtesy of the conversation we had at Innovation Bay last nite with eBay Australia & New Zealand MD, Simon Smith, I totally resonated with Chris Brogan’s post about The Power of Local Social Media.

Chris called his post a shotgun, but the blast has delivered some laser guided insights:

If I show up at an airport terminal, I wish there were a social media PACKAGE to collect for my phone or my iPod. It would have local podcasts about the area, the restaurants, the night spots, parks, and/or options on whatever other things might matter to me. I like photos? Here are the local Flickr groups, and a videoblog post of local areas to watch. I want to run? Here’s some annotated Google maps PLUS a 15% off coupon (digital) for the local running store.

I suspect this would work best if the package was tailored to meet Chris’s specific interest areas. Tailoring that gets more specific based on what modules have resonated with him in other cities.

[Picture courtesy of Stuck in Customs]

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One thought on “A shotgun approach to localism

  1. Absolutely. A vending machine would work best, with checkboxes. I could pick my interests. Or better still, I could load the ipod or the laptop before I even arrive there. Why wait to be educated?

    Walking tour. Restaurant guide. Emergency info. Local hospitals. Etc, etc, etc.

    A total content library waiting to happen.

    Nifty graphic.

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