Australian 2.0: Legendary Laggard?


Ross Dawson has called corporate Australia “a massive laggard – two to three years behind many countries – in terms of takeup of web 2.0”.

It’s an interesting comment. I’ve been thinking a lot recently about Australia 2.0 – taken from a position in 2028, what will we be saying about then about this era, what key decision points would we have taken in 2007/8 that set the path for an Australian business, social and technological revolution that widely influences the rest of the planet. Or are we doomed to be laggards and followers.

Are we too risk averse in Australia – are we resigned to sit back and enjoy the good life that comes with a resources boom, even though anyone with two brain cells will tell you it cannot last? Are we diversifying enough into other areas and shoring up for a shift in the markets?

Hang on, we are doing some great things in other areas, I hear a plaintive cry… finance, life sciences, green tech. Sure, but are we doing enough to break out of the laggard mould that Ross casts us in?

Crystal ball for me, 20 years into the future. What do YOU see. What changes can we make now?

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