S’funny how some folks are wondering at the seemingly disproportionate amount of attention Facebook, Apple and Google are getting these days. Well Dave McLure sums it up eloquently as always in a comment on TechCrunch:
in case you luddites haven’t noticed, the three most interesting and innovative companies out there these days are Google, Apple, & Facebook. for most developers and entrepreneurs who know their skinny ass from a Cobol program, they tend to pay attention to these things. Mike tends to write about them. gee, think that’s a coincidence?

if you guys want to read about boring shit or lots of Web 1.0 leftovers, then take a hike & go read some tired old dead tree computer magazine.

jesus fucking christ get a clue.

Nice one, Dave.

Besides the reference to Facebook, Apple and Google being the real deal, my title for this post is also reflective of an article I’m writing on Facebook apps. I’ve pinged a select few folks on this, but would love to open it up for broader comment too. What do you think are the ingredients for the perfect FB application?

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