Seeing the wood for the trees in the start-up forest


It’s no secret that when I was thinking thro a name for my personal blog the Om Malik -> GigaOM algorithm featured heavily. Respect.

It is therefore such a pleasure for me to read Om’s post about GigaOM’s graduation to the next level of start-up growth. Bringing on board key hires like a COO and Managing Editor is a big move for a blog network and it’s most interesting to read Om’s post – you can almost feel the thought processes he went through in arriving at the decision to bring Paul and Carolyn onto the GigaOM team.

I’ve lost count of the number of start-ups I’ve been involved with and I’m sure Om feels the same way about the number he has reported on over the years. I sure can relate to his comments though:

Every start-up is like a tender sapling, that after tender loving care by the founder, needs a constant gardner (or two) before it can put roots, and become a tree that survives the vagaries of nature, and test of time.

Start-up founders: keep that nugget in mind as you go through the inevitable emotional rollercoaster.

After 12 sleepless months of guiding GigaOM and our network of websites along with Liz, Katie, Carleen and Joey, it became clear that we would need some help before we set off on the second mile of this marathon called start-up life.

One of the most important things for any entrepreneur to do is to surround oneself with folks who can help one see the wood for the trees, keep one focused and maintain the fun factor.

I’ll give Om the final word on this:

The journey ahead is hard, but with new friends and old cohorts, it is going to be fun. I am excited.

Hell yeah!

[Photo of Om courtesy of Thomas Hawk]

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