Seeing the virtual future


[Photo of RLDT by Quentin Jones]

Beverley Head has written a profile piece on me titled Seeing the virtual future, which ran yesterday in the Next section of the Sydney Morning Herald and Melbourne Age. It does starkly portray the sometimes daunting prospect of leaving a well paid, secure role for the crazy rollercoaster that is running a start up company. But once an entrepreneur…

It’s interesting to note similarities with the journey Cameron Reilly over at the Podcast Network has been on as portrayed by Paul Ryan in the Australian Anthill. We both left good roles, he was at Microsoft. We both featured on the covers of Australian magazines in the last 12 months, me on the cover of BRW, Cam on the cover of the Bulletin. We both have led networking organisations – I set up First Tuesday in Australia in the late nineties and today I’m involved with Innovation Bay, Cam recently set up MODM in Melbourne.

Hopefully the future for both of us is as vibrant as Beverley suggests in the profile piece.

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