Future Shock


Ben Cooper has written a diary entry-style piece from the future – just ten years out. My only criticism …hopefully we’ve found a cure for hangovers or a better form of relaxant than alcohol by then.

[Picture is courtesy of  Urban Photos and depicts a museum exhibit from 500 yrs in the future titled “Working Man”, the premise being that all labor would be being done by robots]

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One thought on “Future Shock

  1. Agreed. I’d like to see a cure for hangovers too. Although I think we’ll still be behaving badly…

    Another criticism (of myself) is that I don’t think we’ll have cars. Cities should be a lot smarter by then, shared transport being the norm or at least ‘pooling’ of an individuals car (its already the norm in a lot of cities and is emerging in Sydney).

    I also think that we’ll work different, not necessarily the need for an office in the way we see it now – but more communual spaces for collaboration on projects etc.

    Did you read the ‘Hyperlocal’ story on WIRED (linked from my page), although ‘pushing’ the thought of geo-devices to the limit, I like that vision. The potential of sharing resources everywhere rather than ‘owning’. Essentially the world setup to cloth, feed, water you wherever you are (cause it knows where you are).

    It seems that ‘where you are’ is the new ‘tag’. Content is now able to cluster around you, photos, news, people and resources. Finally a way to interface with the chaos of the internet in a more meaningful relevant way.

    Just a thought…

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