What’s it take to be a good CEO?


Over the years I have taken on the CEO mantle a number of times, I have coached many others as a virtual CEO and I have particularly enjoyed being Chairman and working together with CEOs and their Boards.

I find the human/emotional/social aspects of this work fascinating and since I am doing a lot more of this work across a portfolio, it was with great interest that I read Chris Brogan’s post on Thinking Like a CEO.

I believe he has put forward the right mix of traits that go towards making successful CEOs. Having the ability to see the business and the macro environment from a 40,000 foot level while empathatically listening to staff and customers/users takes great skill.

Doing so in a large corporation is a worthy challenge, but within a highly volatile startup atmosphere it requires nerves of steel, a strong sense of self and belief in your ability to lead your team.

But most of all, to be a good CEO is to surround oneself with great people and consistently empower them to give of their best.

[Photo of Evan Prodromou by Peter Kaminski]

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