Does Attention Need More Attention?

I’ve written a fair bit about the Attention Economy and it is always good to see it “getting attention”. It is an important topic, and one that will have a major impact on all of our lives.

And so it is heartening to see Alex Iskold tackle the topic on Read/WriteWeb, but other than giving a good overview he does not take the conversation forward in any meaningful way.

I’m not sure I agree with his prognosis that “to enable individuals to control the information which is currently locked in silos all over the web is a daunting and somewhat unapproachable task“.  Look at what Skype has done to the telco industry — putting walls in front of entrepreneurs is a bad thing (for walls).

I’m also not sure I agree that the Attention Economy needs a strong organization to force it along. Sure, to change the status quo we need a catalyst, but my gut says it’s more likely to be via an attention-czar-induced-uprising by the people.

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One thought on “Does Attention Need More Attention?

  1. Fred Wilson’s Blog:
    ( quotes Dave Winer musing about when users of FaceBook may revolt about the ‘control of their data’…

    “To all vendors who are tuned in, look for ways you’re keeping your users from managing their own data. The users are getting educated, fast. Better to be on the right side of this one. Facebook could easily be the place where the dam breaks. It’s attracting so many users, who may at some point realize that they want control of the data that’s locked up inside Facebook. Then vendors who have been on the right side of this issue will be the heroes.” (D. Winer)

    Fred says, don’t hold your breath… most user’s don’t care. But he guesses that these concerns will influence developers to come up with new solutions. Toni Schneider makes a similar prognostication at the end of his recent interview on Wallstrip.

    maybe the writing is on the wall…

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