Sport Social Networking – a match made in Australia


Australians are sports nuts. They are absolutely obsessed with the stuff. Any conversation with one of them ultimately leads to a discussion of their favorite team for the weekend’s match, or for Gen Xer’s their son or daughter’s match. Grassroots sport is thriving down under.


So where else but in Australia would the perfect match occur between grassroots sport and niche social networking. A Sydney-based start up, 3eep, is pioneering this space. They’ve teamed up with Kanga Cup, one of the largest youth football tournaments in the world to provide an online community zone for the upcoming Australian event.

Kanga Cup takes place in Canberra between 8-13 July and players, parents and coaches will be able to upload photos and videos and track their team’s progress on special Team Zones.

3eep’s Head of Community Development, Nick Gonios, notes: “This will be a fantastic way for Kanga CUp participants to keep in touch with family, friends and passionate fans back at home, wherever in the world they may be!”

According to Nick, there will also be some eventstreaming taking place via

It’s pleasing to see Australian initiative at work both on and offline.

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