All presence, correct and waiting to pownce


I’ve loved watching how folks who hadn’t yet jumped on board Twitter, the miniblogging and presence application, got what it’s about after a few days and within a week or two became hooked.

You see, presence tools are addictive. They represent¬† “your favorite coffee shop 2.0” – a place to hang out with your kinda people and tune into snippets of their everyday lives.

While Twitter has represented a big step forward in growing awareness for presence apps it is not unique. There were a handful of tools before it, notably Jaiku, and there will no doubt be others after it. Just like in the world of social networking – we’ve come a long way from when we launched First Tuesday across the world in 1999 – there will be other presence apps. Some of which are mere clones and others which push the innovation envelope.

What is amazing to see though is the pace of change in this space.¬† Twitter’s traction really took off at the end of the first quarter 2007. We have seen a number of clones launch since then and now we have a serious contender for progressing the space: Pownce.

Ross Mayfield has some excellent coverage of this new app, which has been launched by Kevin Rose, Leah Culver and others. Like all innovators it will have its detractors and the inclusion of advertising into the business model of Pownce is already causing some angst. As one Twitter user has said:

“Sponsored links to my desktop? F… y.., Pownce! Uninstalled.”

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