How to Create Fantastic Video Effects: Is Apple Writing on the Wall?

OK Go’s video has been a huge success. Compare it to the latest from Apple, below. I love this trend in clever video effects.



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Quick Update

It’s been a while since I blogged and given the dramatic nature of my last post I thought I’d check back in and let you know that I’m doing fine.

It’s been an interesting few months. I’ve been back at work and I’ve been having many, many interesting conversations which are all helping me process what I’ve been through and sort out my next now.

My next post will be more substantive.

UPDATE: September 2014 – OK, so not quite ready to get more substantive, but hang in there. Thank you to all of you for continuing to visit and for your ongoing support.




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Achieving Flow In The Face of Near Death: My Recent Experience


I had one of those major mind focusing events over the past three weeks.

I collapsed on the evening of Sunday, 16th February for 15 seconds and then went into an extraordinary conscious ventricular tachycardia at 200 bpm. The ambulance crew were astounded that I was conscious. The trick was flow – I’ve been a proponent since my youth when I was an elite athlete and serious surfer. I managed to pull myself into the zone and maintained this on the journey to the hospital. En route a code 3 had been called and I was greeted at Royal North Shore Emergency by a crack team of 15 doctors. I was still at 170 bpm and they were literally just about to stop my heart and try to shock me out of the tachycardia, when to their amazement I self reverted down to 70 bpm. I’d like to say it was flow again, but my humility refuses and I dare not say I purposefully did that all myself.

I was very lucky. This conscious VT event took place at home and my quick thinking family called 000 immediately. That morning I’d done a stand up paddling training session alone and in the dark, with no safety devices. And the next morning I was scheduled to fly to New Zealand on business. If this event had happened in the air or out on the water I’d very likely not be having this dialogue.

After a series of extensive tests, the specialists determined the best course of action for me would be the insertion of an implantable cardioverter defribrillator. The plumbing of my heart reflected my super fit status, but for some reason the electrics were out of whack.

I had the device installed on Thursday, and on Friday afternoon I walked out of intensive care for the first time in a week and into a private room for recuperation. I felt like a new man, but this feeling was shortlived. Unfortunately a clot had developed and within fifteen minutes my speech slurred and I lost all feeling on my right hand side. Again I was very lucky, as my wife noticed the signs of a stroke immediately and called the medical staff who jumped into action. It was a very scary feeling and not one I’d like to repeat. Within about 20 minutes I began to get feeling back, again to the amazement and relief of the medical staff and my family. I’d had a mini stroke or transient ischemic attack and the clot had moved through my brain.

I again found myself in Emergency and it was established that while I had about 85% recovered from the stroke there was still a strong possibility of further clots. I was given a thrombolysis – a very powerful procedure that reversed all effects of the stroke and broke up any other clots. This was a very intense six hours as there was the possibility of a haematoma developing on the brain.

I made it through that phase, but a haematoma did develop around my defib wound site. I spent another week in intensive care and returned home on Saturday 1st March. The haematoma developed some complications and a week later I was operated on to drain the site – the fear being infection. I remained in hospital on intravenous antibiotics and was discharged on Monday, 10th March.

All through this experience I was thinking about flow, performance and optimizing human development, aided in part by reading Steven Kotler’s book, The Rise of the SuperMan.

Commenting on my experience, Steve says, “It ┬ádid seem like you’ve moved through fight or flight and into flow – a very difficult thing to do, so you have some mad skills!”

This whole episode has got me really thinking hard about what I do with my life once I’ve recuperated. I know I have been given a gift, a second chance, and I also know that I’ve adopted a new mantra, GO BIG.

I’m still working this all through, processing and thinking about what I do next. I’m going to have some interesting conversations over the coming weeks.


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Waiheke Makes WeBlogTheWorld


Photos from my trip last month have made it onto WeBlogTheWorld.

I spent a few days in Wellington, (yes made it out a few hours before the latest big shake) and Auckland and then spent a relaxing weekend on Waiheke Island with my brother. Waiheke is about 30 minutes by ferry from Auckland and has a more temperate climate, similar in fact to the south of France. Which explains why it is covered in vineyards with some excellent wines being produced.

The island is also a haven for artists as it has spectacular views and incredible light.

Every time I go there my creative side is truly inspired and it was a pleasure taking these pictures. They were all shot on an iPhone 4S. Enjoy



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Blogging at Gartner

I’ve been with Gartner for a few months now as part of the Executive Leadership & Innovation team. My focus is on enterprise innovation and emerging trends and I will increasingly be putting out my thoughts on these topics via the Gartner Blog Network.

This blog will mainly be an outlet for some of my outside interests like surfing, running, cooking, travel and photography.

If you’d like to follow (and respond to) my thoughts on innovation and technology please come on over to my Gartner blog.

I took the photo below at Gartner’s Worldwide Headquarters in Stamford, Connecticut in May at the start of the northern hemisphere summer.

Gartner HQ